• Surfactants

    A skincare surfactant is a type of ingredient commonly used in skincare products for its ability to reduce the surface tension between two substances, such as oil and water. This makes surfactants effective at cleansing the skin by allowing water to mix with oil and dirt, facilitating their remove

  • Actives

    Active ingredients in skincare products are substances specifically included in formulations to address various skin concerns and improve skin health

  • Emulsifier

    An emulsifier in skincare products is a substance that helps blend two or more immiscible ingredients, such as oil and water, into a stable, homogeneous mixture called an emulsion. Emulsifiers are crucial for creating smooth, consistent, and effective skincare formulations. Here’s a closer look at what emulsifiers do and their importance in skincare

  • colors

    We collaborate with KOEL Colors, a renowned color company in India that offers a diverse selection of FDA-approved personal care colors, food colors, and pharmaceutical colors.